It is a known fact that our history books contains massive gaps, focusing their narrative so narrowly that even if the book is full of words, there are pieces of history that ultimately go missing without a proper recording. For many, this means a one sided education, accepting what we are told rather than questioning what else there is to learn. It seems easier to tell a simple tale instead of delve into the details of large scale events. Especially during this summer of upheaval and unlearning, it is vital there is a period of re-learning, filling in the gaps of history books and, if possible, rewriting them to include the broad and complicated expanses of our past. For Step Afrika! that missing history is told through dance. It was evident during their production of The Migration, an exodus of nearly six million African Americans from the South to the North between 1915-1970 in search of economic opportunity and escape prejudice, using dance as a means to teach.


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