Drumfolk’s Beat Awakens Boston

By Leah Klein, City Living Boston
October 10th, 2022

Step Afrika! kicks of ArtsEmerson’s season with their triple threat of a show: Drumfolk. Drumfolk is the most energetic performance I have ever seen and that energy is contagious. The talent of the Drumfolk cast is unparalleled. The musicians, dancers, singers, and steppers of Drumfolk bring their own connection to dance, stepping, and their history in this country. Stepping is a powerful sisterhood/brotherhood that, as an outsider feels like a privilege to witness. I definitely feel honoured to have been invited to witness Drumfolk.

I can’t review the show as one performance because each element: the music, the movement and the message deserve undivided attention. I found myself focusing on different performers throughout the show from beat boxer to dancer to drummer and back just trying to not miss a beat.

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