Step Afrika! is where African dance and Black Greek stepping meet

Step Afrika! A step show from the diaspora


“Step Afrika! is a world-renowned performance group that combines the traditional art of stepping from HBCU fraternities and sororities with modern dance elements and African dance elements to create a truly captivating show. The group’s performance at the Auditorium Theater was spectacular, bringing the audience to their feet and cheering for more.

The show began with a powerful opening routine that set the tone for the evening. The steppers moved in perfect unison, their feet pounding the stage in a mesmerizing display of precision and skill. Each step was carefully choreographed and executed brilliantly, showcasing the incredible athleticism of the performers.

As the show progressed, the steppers introduced more modern dance elements, incorporating flips, turns and acrobatic moves into their routines. This added a new layer of excitement to the performance, and the audience couldn’t help but be impressed by the versatility and skill of the performers. The audience was engaged and the Black Greeks who were in the audience could be heard representing their organizations as they reveled in what they were witnessing on stage.

One of the highlights of the show is the group’s use of drumming and percussion in their routines. The steppers used their bodies as instruments, creating a rhythm that was both powerful and mesmerizing. The drums added dynamic energy to the performance, and the audience couldn’t help but get caught up in the infectious beat.

The costumes worn by the performers were also noteworthy, with bright colors and intricate designs adding to the visual appeal of the show. The lighting and stage design were equally impressive, creating an immersive and engaging atmosphere that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Overall, Step Afrika! is an incredible group that truly knows how to put on a show. Their performance at the Auditorium Theater was nothing short of spectacular, and I highly recommend checking out one of their performances if you ever have the opportunity. The combination of traditional stepping with modern dance elements makes for an entertaining and visually pleasing performance. The energy and skill of the performers are truly impressive and will leave you in awe.”

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